The Heroine’s Journey – the feminine path to your Joy, Freedom and Prosperity

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Discover Your Heroine’s Journey®

You may start out in life thinking, “I have a handle on things.” Then something comes along and upsets your apple cart. “Yikes! Now what?”

This is a magnificent moment ~ the start of your Heroine’s Journey. You have been launched on a universal path that every woman takes. 

As you progress along the 13 Steps, you will gain new understanding, skills, and tools, fast. Finally, you have a Road Map to becoming the Heroine of your own life.

Welcome to your unique Heroine’s Journey!

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"Take the Journey. The reward is YOU!"

As a psychologist, business coach, speaker and best-selling author, I am deeply entrenched in what creates true growth. So when I come across a tool as powerful as The Heroine’s Journey for helping women navigate the path from survival to thrival, it gets my attention. Each of us walks the path in our own way. What is priceless is having a Road Map and a guide so that you do not spend years lost and alone, but rather dance, skip or run to the light at the end of the tunnel. Take the Journey. The reward is YOU!

Dr. Erin Oskel | Psychologist & Business Coach

“No matter if I fall,
I will rise again. I am
the Heroine of my own Life!”
~ Joan Perry

Meet Joan Perry

Joan Perry is a women’s success advocate, a Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Life/Business Coach with 20 plus years of experience as a business owner, securities and real estate investor, financial consultant, and entrepreneur.

As the Creator of The Heroine’s Journey®, she shares her insight, inspiration, and clarity with women about the secrets to living our lives with Stability, Authenticity, Expression, and Contribution – the path to personal and professional joy and fulfillment – and her own story of overcoming personal adversity to get there.

Her message is cultivating the courage and strength for women to walk The Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth – achieving the sustained and lasting results of a rich, fulfilled, meaningful life.


Calling all Heroines! Let’s chat about the Journey . . . the obstacles we face and the brilliant flowers we find along the path. With candor and courage, The Heroine’s Journey Co-Creators, Joan & Ivri, discuss what elevates us, what challenges us and everything in between. Learn more about each Step along the way and hear the voices of Heroines who have created miracles out of the lessons along the way.

Discover the 4 Biggest Mistakes Preventing You from Becoming the Heroine of Your Own Life.

The Heroine’s Journey is an internal journey for you to claim your Self-Worth and your Voice. (It is soooo not the Hero’s Journey). The Heroine’s Journey is the feminine pathway!

The Heroine’s Journey is the best adventure of your life.

The Heroine’s Journey is a gift with all things working for you.

The Heroine’s Journey is the universal journey that all women take to maturity.

The Heroine’s Journey is the plotline that underlines all of our lives, while each of our stories is uniquely different.

The Heroine’s Journey is the pathway that you can’t resist as it compels you to blossom to your Best-Self.

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Get Instant Access To A Simple and Proven Path That Has Changed The Lives of HUNDRDS of Women!