How Coaching Helps You Fly

So, you started your Heroine’s Journey!  Did it take you by surprise, like it did for me?  Are you moving quickly on the Steps of the Journey, or are you scrambling at times feeling that you could use some help to travel more easily? Would removing some of the obstacles speed up your progress?

Coaching can do just that!  With the accountability of Heroine’s Coaching, you’ll walk the Heroine’s path with purpose in partnership. I’m here for you.

We will tailor this Journey to your own unique life. Whatever step that you are on, wherever you need help, and what you need to fly – Heroine’s Coaching will enable you to lift off into the passion and prosperity that you desire and deserve.

You’ve heard my Story; you know that I have walked my own Heroine’s Journey. This what inspired me to developed resources and guidance to help ignite your Journey too.

Heroine’s Coaching is the opportunity to work with me directly, as your devoted guide, to help you to put all of the skills, tools and awarenesses required for the Heroine’s Journey into practice, each and every day. This is indeed how you become the Heroine of your own life!

Let’s journey onward together!


Creator of The Heroine’s Journey

Choose the Coaching that is Right for You

Heroine’s Flight

1-Hour Video Session

This is a one hour 1-on-1 video conference call with me. No matter where you are on the path, this will be time for you to gain the clarity to discover what you can do next that will propel you forward in your Journey with the most grace and ease. Together we will explore and celebrate what Step(s) you are on in your Heroine’s Journey. If you feel like you are a bit stuck on something, our time together can help you get clear vision on the horizon and stabilize your wings. I am here to answer any questions that you have about writing your Story as the Heroine of your own life. This is one priceless hour of your precious life dedicated to your empowerment and evolution as a Heroine!

Walk The Heroine’s Journey
Coaching Package

13-Week Coaching Program

Would you like an experienced Guide to walk with you each step of the way? For 13 weeks we will meet weekly on a 1-on-1 video call to walk step-by-step through all 13 Steps on The Heroine’s Journey. You can read about it, and then there is the doing of it! In coaching, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how each Step of the Journey is crafted in your unique life. You can ask the critical questions that move you forward and re-frame your thinking into the Heroine you are. This will orient you, give you clarity, advance your progress, and lift you into flight!

Prerequisite Enrollment: Create Your Stability Online Course