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Bestselling author Joan Perry tells the tales of women, money and awakening, with heart and grit to awaken you to your Heroine Self that is worthy of abundance and freedom.

"The 13 Steps Every Woman Takes to Become The Heroine of HER Own Life" - YOUR next Step.

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This Is The Exact Path That I’ve Used To Successfully Climb Out Of The Trenches And Be Happy Again And More Successful Then Ever Before WIth Relationships, Money, and More!! 

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Perry breaks through myths & misconceptions that have kept women financial captives and gives the scoop on growing wealth. Including showing step by step how to review your spending habits and develop new sources of income to create the kind of life you want to live, now and well into your future.

Discover the true gifts in your life

People just like you who made the extraordinary decision to unwrap the sandpaper of pain, despair, torture, self-loathing, illness to find the gifts of peace, happiness and success that they now share with the world.

Discover the 4 Biggest Mistakes Preventing You from Becoming the Heroine of Your Own Life.

The Heroine’s Journey is an internal journey for you to claim your Self-Worth and your Voice. (It is soooo not the Hero’s Journey). The Heroine’s Journey is the feminine pathway!

The Heroine’s Journey is the pathway that you can’t resist as it compels you to blossom to your Best-Self.

The Heroine’s Journey is the plotline that underlines all of our lives, while each of our stories is uniquely different.

The Heroine’s Journey is the universal journey that all women take to maturity.

The Heroine’s Journey is a gift with all things working for you.

The Heroine’s Journey is the best adventure of your life.

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