The 4 Destinations on The Heroine’s Journey

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If we’ve been talking for a while, you already know that The Heroine’s Journey is a universal path that each woman walks in her own unique way to come home to True Wealth. But did you know that there are 4 Destinations along they way?

The 4 Destinations you will reach in due course are:

  • Stability
  • Authenticity
  • Expression
  • Contribution

Let’s explore them more deeply now so that you will know right where you are headed, and you can look forward with delightful anticipation.


Create Your Stability:

The first Destination is so critical to your progress that the first 10 Steps of the Heroine’s Journey are devoted to it. Creating Your Stability is the first destination to reach on the Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth.

Why? When you live from a place of Stability, your whole life can blossom into the rich and purposeful life that you desire. You become the Heroine of your own life!

What is Stability?

Stability takes root in your life when you dedicate yourself to developing the skills, tools and support systems to create a solid foundation for your life to blossom. You have what you need; you know where you are going. This engenders a feeling of security and comfort that sustains you through life’s challenges. Stability is the first destination to reach in the Heroine’s Journey to True Wealth. It is the gatekeeper to designing the rich and purposeful life that you desire.

Why is Stability important for my life?

If your life was ever suddenly in disarray and the strategies that you’d been using no longer worked, then you experienced a lack of Stability. The good news is that you can rebuild your life in a whole new and better way. Life’s turmoil and challenges are usually a positive impetus to consciously align yourself with your highest expression. Your Stability, which inspires your courage and strength, is the roar of the Woman who has her spirit intact as life moves through inevitable changes.

How do I create Stability?

The essence of Stability is establishing a firm foundation in your life. There are 4 key ways to create Stability:

  1. Cultivating beliefs that encourage your best self
  2. Nurturing relationships with people who are a support and/or resource for your new life
  3. Empowering your physical well-being to sustain the journey ahead
  4. Restructuring your financial flow so that your money needs are met with ease

Here’s the magic. You can rebuild your life in a whole new and better way when you get strategic and walk the steps of the Heroine’s Journey toward Creating Your Stability. Even if your life is rocky now, there is a stable path forward.

Creating Your Stability opens the path for you to live a life filled with joy, peace, love and prosperity. And truth be told, if you try to skip over this destination, you will see that your life will tumble and twist leaving you wondering why things aren’t going the way of your dreams. That’s because if you don’t Create Your Stability, you are forever in survival mode. You set yourself up to compromise yourself in some way, which can force you to make choices that are a challenge to your integrity and surely limit your full expression and prosperity.

A Heroine takes on Creating her Stability; she does the work! Join us as we embody our best Heroine selves! Lift yourself out of your present circumstances and embark upon your journey to your life. Let’s start this adventure!


Awaken Your Authenticity:

Now you’ve built your Stability, you step into Awaken Your Authenticity. You become the Heroine of your own making as you progress on the path of the Heroine’s Journey. Arriving at Awaken Your Authenticity is the second Destination on the Journey. This is about claiming your worth, and celebrating your unique gifts, skills and beingness. Your voice is needed, and speaking it authentically is essential to how you want to show up in the world.

This journey brings you the gift of wisdom that roots you deeply in your power as a woman. Your power is in living your authentic life. Now you step into freedom when you claim who you were made to be and you create your life according to your truth.

You’ve done the work to get out of survival mode. You are no longer wrapped in fear, broke without resources, numbed to your sense of what is good for you, neglectful of your inner voice, lead by your former impaired beliefs, tied to external things for your security, wedded to familiarity, impaired by rules of what to be, or armored in your heart.

You awaken to your unique value. By now, you truly embrace yourself. You feel that your heart is open, and you see love in yourself and in the world. You have conviction, determination, and focus. Projecting an external image is less important to you. Living from what your heart speaks, in the whispers of your inner voice, is more important to you. You have a self guidance system from your heart to navigate the challenges ahead.

You’ve been through enough hard stuff on the Journey and you’ve let your ego go as the guardian of your identity. You are feeling your inner spirit, the one that calls forth for new ways of being and doing.

The bumps and bruises along the way have shaped you into a new person. You realize that you wouldn’t want to go back to the person that you were before. When you look back on your life, amazingly, you wouldn’t change a thing! You can acknowledge the the trials and tribulations as the gifts that brought you to your Authentic Self.

There are four Cornerstones to Awaken Your Authenticity. They are embracing Self Discovery, speaking Truth with People, building Skills, and aligning your Financial Life. This is Step 11 on the Heroine’s Journey.

When you Awaken your Authenticity you are being who you really are. You have hope for your future. Now your dreams fly higher than your fears. You, Heroine, are excited to Journey Onward!


Light Up Your Expression:

The third Destination on the Heroine’s Journey is to Light Up Your Expression. You know your unique gift and talents. And now, you’re taking your show on the road! And, you are ready to get paid for it! This is Step 12 on the Heroine’s Journey.

You have Created Your Stability (and you revisit it as needed to make sure it’s on track), You have Awakened Your Authenticity (and you speak from the truest part of yourself). You’re readying your full Stable Authentic Expression to show up in the world.

You are a woman who creates from a woman’s point of view. You are ready to monetize your unique talents, skills and gift, your way! You realize that whole new forms of business will be created when feminine energy is expressed for profit.

You take into account that your Heroine’s Journey has been specifically designed to fashion you into YOU! And, the lessons that you learned are gifts to share with others who may have similar questions and struggles as you did. You have an ah-ha moment that says, ‘This could be gold’!

All of your Heroine’s Journey was for your highest good. You can see that unique aspects of yourself have been unveiled, and trust that they inform your inner guidance.

You are here to do something that fully expresses who you are and what you have to offer. You are lead by inner truth and you practice with this voice you have to speak it.

You accept that the world needs you. The world is waiting for you. You are a missing piece to add to the picture of life. In your unique way, you step up to serve this need. You decide that it is time for you to create. Maybe create something that no one else has thought of, or maybe subtly shift the way that something has been done to be more productive. Maybe it’s taking something that has been delivered in a more male way and redesigning it to be relatable for a woman.

This creation may be your legacy. You offer your best talents and skills. You are on purpose! It feels good, like this is what you should be doing. You think – I did that for so long to make money – and now I can make money doing what I’m passionate about.

You think, not about you and limitations, but with full vigor for the joy of showing up and being of service. You collaborate with others for the best outcome. When you engage in the world you exemplify a higher level of integrity. You are confident in you, others feel this, and you take leadership, a woman’s way.

You build your team — those that share your vision, heart and intent. You decide your modality and where and how to deliver it. You are determined to manifest your truth even if you have to make hard decisions. Making decisions from a place of freedom, you align yourself with a purpose and a path that your inner knowing directs – not ego, agenda or drama stories. Thank goodness!

The story of your Heroine’s Journey has taught you courage, strength, depth and compassion. Synchronicity shows up to help you. People come into your life with just the right talents and skills. Creation takes on it’s own ease and life of itself. It’s like the universe wanted to deliver what you have to offer and it’s been tapping on your head to bring it forth!

A Heroine is a woman who builds her assets. She pays attention to money and regards it in her own life and in the life of others. Smartly, she creates multiple streams of revenue, uses other people’s money skillfully and has a long-term financial plan for herself. A Heroine knows that money is a ‘change agent’. She welcomes cash flowing her way, resources and contributions that enable her, and the growth of her enterprises. She knows that it takes money to sustain her message.

There are four Cornerstones of Awaken Your Authenticity that are there for your mastery as well. They are tackling Design, engaging People, being On-Purpose and Creating Financial (Assets).

Purpose wakes a Heroine up each morning, puts energy in her walk and inspires her best self and full expression. This is truly a great place to live, and is the highest place of security and reward. Being a Heroine, you take big joy in skillfully expressing your purpose, and it’s message out into the world.

Your days are full, doing what you care to do, with people that bring you joy as your purpose unfolds. Confident, you are a full expression of feminine creation. The Heroine wraps her arms around this Journey Step — because now, she is thriving! Journey Onward!


Make Your Contribution:

And then, you move fully through the Heroine’s Journey to Step 13, the celebration of Self — by transforming self into the Light of Being, that’s coming home to True Wealth.

True Wealth is the power to cultivate all of the love, money, meaning and impact you can dream of; while being fully in alignment with the values of your true self. This is a big mission for a woman to fulfill — and this is the peak of satisfaction that the Heroine attains. You can see this — it’s the smile on Oprah’s face when she surveys the landscape of the life she has crafted.

And, this is your path to home on the Heroine’s Journey. From the self of unknowing where your Journey first started, all the way to the realized Self that has fully blossomed. In this truest of Self, you take the path home to the purest part of you where your wisdom and power reside. In this place, driven by a deep sense of truth and connectedness, you act from love.

There is nothing stronger than a woman who stands in this place. This woman can heal, redirect and speak into a world that is a better place for us all to live. And, these Heroine women together are truly unstoppable.

Here, you have become a catalyst of transformation for the world. Your song is the song of melody with the women on whose shoulders we stand. The Dalai Lama said that: ‘Western women will save the planet.’ This is what we need to be to do that. We’ve been knocking on the doors of change, here is where we come crashing through them with our spirits equipped and our voices expressed.

It’s a better world when the energy of women is present in shaping ours worlds. We have more safety, more culture, better education for our kids, more art, more community, more life. While we need our male protectors, we also need this feminine energy expressed and out into the world. We are the mothers of the earth, the caretakers of humanity.

Now you know, you have something to offer and only YOU can give it. It’s your time to create a legacy that lives on. You are making dreams come true for others, and you are raised up by the connection and love that you receive in return.

You are a wealthy woman. You have the resources above and beyond your your own needs to serve those who benefit from your encouragement and support. You are now the woman who stands proudly in her glory, appreciative of the path of her life and a truthful presence in the compassion and shaping of the world.

There are four Cornerstones of Make Your Contribution that develop your mastery. They are Living Large, promoting People, being on Mission and Financial Wealth.

The Journey home to True Wealth is a life well lived. From this vantage you can say that you lived fully, you loved magnanimously and mattered generously. Your Heroine Self is your best self. Whatever way that you chose to live this life will be your unique footprint to Make Your Contribution in this world for those who need you! Bring your spirit to this party of Women making a difference!

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