Let’s Talk Stability – The Heroine’s Stronghold

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This conversation is about STABILITY. It’s what gives you fortitude, resilience and balance in life. Come, let’s talk!!

Do you know this? – Your best creativity and blossoming will come with your choosing to become Stable first?  Let me ask you – have you felt, and would you like to feel more of the feeling, that when you are firmly rooted that you can reach higher?  I’ve seen that my joy, happiness, ability to love, and more are all better when I have Stability in my life – and I want this for you too!!

Have you thought about what STABILITY is and what is does for your life? Here’s how it goes:

There is “stuff” that continually moves through our lives.  Stability is what gets you through the shifts of life, be it a job change, relationship or health considerations, or something that rocks your boat.

Many think that Stability is just about financial.  Well, it is and it isn’t. Financial is one quarter of Creating Your Stability.  The other three Cornerstones are Beliefs, Physical and People. You may be doing just fine with some of these steps on the journey, that’s often true.  But others may be tripping you up, derailing you on your path to being your best self.

Creating your Stability is key, and if one or two of these areas are not rolling along well for you, the road will get very bumpy.  If you are choosing wrong people in your life, that will show up. If you are continually repeating messages to yourself that are unsupportive — whoops, that will plague you and slow you down.  If the physical part of your life is compromised, that’s going to impact your progress. And, if your financial life is not adding up, sooner or later, you’ll be doing something that you don’t want to do to try to adjust.

You experiences, even the not-so-good ones, are purposeful and transform you.

Has life showed up in ways that you didn’t expect and unsettled you?  And then, do you ask “what the heck do I do from here?” That was me!

For many of you who know my story, you know that I have been through some extreme challenges and pains and victories. For those of you who don’t, I’ll be talking about this, with the truth and lessons that got me through.  And, I’ve gathered wisdom from other amazing women, who can tell you the truths about what they have learned through the thrilling journeys of their lives.

You are here to thrive, to move out of survival, and into thrival.  But how?

When you walk the path of The Heroine’s Journey, you start with Creating Your Stability. You’ll start to see life in a whole new way.  One that will put you in the making of your life with purpose and meaning leading to your true self.

Creating Your Stability embodies the first 10 Steps on the Heroine’s Journey – it’s that important.

The most difficult steps are those first several that aim to create or regain Stability in your life. If your life has ever suddenly been in disarray and the strategies that you’d been using no longer work, then you have experienced a lack of Stability.  The good news is that you can rebuild your life in a whole new and better way.

Stability takes root in your life when you dedicate yourself to developing the skills, tools and support systems to create a solid foundation.  This brings what you need to feel supported in this world. It is inevitable that Stability is the gatekeeper to designing the rich and purposeful life that you desire.

The Heroine’s Journey ushers us through the 4 Cornerstones of Stability:

  • (1) Empowering Beliefs – If you have an inner dialogue that gripes at the worst of yourself, Stability will evade you.
  • (2) Physical well-being – If your health and safety are imbalanced, your Stability will be compromised.
  • (3) Supportive People –  If you have people in your life that tear you down when you need their support, this too will undermine your Stability.
  • (4) Financial fortitude – If you are not living within your means you will create lack and need, and impair your Stability.

When you create Stability through the steps of the Heroine’s Journey this increases your balance, flexibility, resiliency, effectiveness and possibilities for good outcomes.

How you’ve created Stability in your life helps to determine how you handle the Crisis and experience balance.  Then the remaining arch of the Journey through Authenticity, Expression and Contribution happens with graceful inevitability when you stay committed to your path.

Once you ave a stable foundation that you can rely upon, you can push off into flight! Only then can you go to the next step of Awaken Your Authenticity. Journey Onward!

What is your most burning question about STABILITY for your life?  I’d love to hear from you.  

Post your comment below about and share your thoughts about the need for and gift of stability in your life!

Joan Perry, Author and Coach

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