Bestselling author Joan Perry tells the tales of women, money and awakening, with heart and grit to awaken you to your Heroine Self that is worthy of abundance and freedom.

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Take charge of your financial life!

The easiest way to lose control of your life is to lose control of your financial life.  Joan’s spectacularly successful Wall Street career shielded her from that truth… until a failed love affair and a lost nest egg jolted her into rethinking her priorities and taking action. She now helps women gain control of their money and their lives by building long-term financial well-being through smart investing. A Girl Needs Cash provides women at all stages of life with an unusual program that goes beyond just basics of finance.

Perry breaks through myths & misconceptions that have kept women financial captives and gives the scoop on growing wealth. Including showing step by step how to review your spending habits and develop new sources of income to create the kind of life you want to live, now and well into your future. Creating the “money machine”: how to build real cash flow with the right investment choices for you. Offering new thinking about your attitude toward money and providing the tools for successful investing, A Girl Needs Cash is one of the most important books a woman can read.


Discover the true gifts in your life.

People just like you who made the extraordinary decision to unwrap the sandpaper of pain, despair, torture, self-loathing, illness to find the gifts of peace, happiness and success that they now share with the world. None of us lives without adversity, without scars. But as you read the powerful, transformative stories in Living Proof, you will be amazed and then inspired to look for the gifts within your own experiences.

“These stories are living proof that whatever you may be going through, the darkness is only temporary–it’s not your destiny. This book is proof that you are greater than your circumstances, whatever they are. You have an opportunity to turn a test into your testimony; to turn a mountain into your platform; to turn the challenges that would break you into reasons you sing, write, speak, teach; and, like the co-authors in this book, offer up your story as living proof of what is possible.” -Lisa Nichols